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Black Canary

A costumed crimefighter adept in martial arts and empowered with a sonic "Canary Cry" (first appearance: Flash Comics No. 86, Aug 1947: "The Black Canary"). Black Canary (a.k.a. Dinah Lance) is a member of the Justice League of America and partner/paramour of Green Arrow. Originally a member of the Justice Society, she emigrates from Earth-2.

In February 1981, Black Canary visits Superman at his Fortress of Solitude to ask his help in making contact with the "dream dimension" in the hope that she will find her dead husband, Larry Lance, whose ghost has been appearing to her in her dreams. Using his super-science, Superman builds a portal to this other dimension only to discover that the entire realm is controlled by Doctor Destiny, the skull-faced super-villain. While Superman is weakened by Doctor Destiny's magic, Black Canary realizes that it is her sonic powers that have made her unconsciously attuned to "Destiny's Dreamworld", and uses her Canary Cry to destroy Destiny's creations while returning the heroes to Earth (DCCP No. 30, Feb 1981: "A Dream of Demons").

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