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An imperfect duplicate of Lex Luthor.


When Bizarro first creates duplicates of himself to populate Htrae, he gives them all costumes with a perfect 'S' symbol, like that of Superman. However, in doing so, he unwittingly violates the Bizarro Code and is later exiled to a round planet surrounded by a Blue Kryptonite shield, along with the rest of his family.

In order to escape from the hideous round planet, Bizarro clones Lex Luthor (someone very adept at escaping from prisons) to aid him. The disgustingly good Bizarro-Luthor agrees to help if Bizarro first performs several good deeds on Earth. After Bizarro No. 1 completes the daunting task of bettering humanity, Bizarro-Luthor corrects his mistake by designing costumes with a backwards 'S' symbol, which are then distributed to all Bizarros. Bizarro No. 1 is thus able to correct his violation of the Bizarro Code and free himself of all charges, thanks to the good deeds of Bizarro-Luthor (Adv No. 293/2, Feb 1962: "The Good Deeds of Bizarro-Luthor").

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