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WF No. 156, Mar 1966 art by Curt Swan and Sheldon Moldoff


Bizarro-Batman is the world's worst detective on the planet Htrae. He is the Bizarro version of Batman and a member of the Bizarro Justice League. His origin traces to March 1966, when Bizarro creates a Bizarro-Batman to form the world's worst team—the opposite of the roles played by the team of Batman and Superman (WF No. 156: "The Federation of Bizarro Idiots").

Bizarro-Batman has appeared in the following comics

  • WF No. 156, Mar 1966: "The Federation of Bizarro Idiots"
  • WF No. 181, Dec 1968: "The Hunter and the Hunted!"
  • DCCP No. 71, Jul 1984: "The Mark of Bizarro!"
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