Big Sister Sybil of Earth-E

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Big Sister Sybil of Earth-E

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In October 1975 on the parallel world of Earth-E, Clark Kent, Jr. and his traveling companion, Bruce Wayne, Jr., are in the midst of a road trip through "the great southland of the U.S.A." when they stumble upon the "old swamp lumber town" called Belton. The teenaged duo soon discover that Belton is not a ghost town as they had believed, but is populated solely by "beautiful chicks," as Bruce, Jr. exclaims.

The boys, who are secretly Superman, Jr. and Batman, Jr., are thrown in jail for their inability to pay a $500 parking fine. The town is ruled over by the mysterious "Big Sister Sybil", who only communicates to the "man-hating" populace through a giant stone monolith with a giant eye. According to Big Sister Sybil: "[M]ale attention is a fate far worse than death..."

The sisterhood of Belton is eventually discovered by the Super-Sons to be part of a scheme by Big Sister Sybil, secretly an alien planning to use a serum in the town's water supply to change the all-female populace into "ugly things" resembling the alien.

"The only antidote to the serum was a male's touch! Hence my rigid rule against contact with men!", explains the gruesome alien.

Upon her defeat by the Super-Sons, "Sybil" uses her monolith—in truth a space vessel— to escape to her home planet. There she is punished for her scheme by being forced to "[see her] hideous self reflected for eternity!" (WF No. 233: "World Without Men").

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