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World's Finest Comics No. 104


A raven-haired costumed crime-fighter who functions periodically, from July 1956 onward, as the crime-fighting colleague of Batman and Robin (first appearance: Detective Comics No. 233, Jul 1956: "The Batwoman"). Batwoman is in reality Kathy Kane, a wealthy heiress and one time "Circus daredevil performer" noted for her outstanding ability both as a trapeze artist and motorcycle stunt rider.

In September-October 1957, Batwoman whose true identity has by this time been deduced by Batman despite her attempts to keep it secret, apprehends fugitive criminal Elton Craig at an abandoned chemical factory, but before she has become temporarily endowed with super-powers, as the result of swallowing a special "radioactive capsule" invented long ago by the Kryptonian scientist Jor-El, father of Superman. After returning the captured Craig to Metropolis Prison, Batwoman, whose super-powers will not fade away for about 24 hours, meets with Batman, Robin, and Superman and relates what has happened to her.

Batwoman attempts to use her newly acquired X-ray vision to peer through the Dynamic Duo's face masks, but Batman has already taken the precaution of asking Superman to line their masks with lead, which X-rays cannot penetrate. When Superman makes a remark to the effect that Batman has outwitted her, Batwoman becomes furious. "I have got Super-powers for 24 hours," she declares, "and I will use them to discover your secret identities somehow! From now on, I am out to learn your secrets!"

For the next 24 hours, the temporarily super-powered Batwoman makes a determined effort to uncover the secret identities of Batman, Robin, and Superman, but the three crime fighters manage to outwit her at every turn. Before long, the 24 hours have elapsed, and Batwoman's powers have faded and vanished, without her having learned the secrets she sought (WF No. 90, Sep-Oct 1957: "The Super-Batwoman!").

In September 1959, Batwoman helps foil a plot by Lex Luthor to destroy Superman (WF No. 104, Sep 1959: "The Plot to Destroy Superman!").

In May 1961, Batwoman becomes accidentally endowed with superhuman powers and falls under the control of the diabolical Lex Luthor. She is rescued from Lex's clutches, however, through the heroic efforts of Batman, Robin, and Superman (WF No. 117, May 1961: "The Super-Batwoman and the Super-Creature!"). (TGSB)

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