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Action Comics No. 121 by Wayne Boring


Atlas is a scion of the Titans, the Greek race of giants, and the son of Iapetus and the nymph Clymene. He is the father of the Hesperides, the Hyades and the Pleiades. He was also thought to be the king of legendary Atlantis ("Land of Atlas"). (Encyclopedia Mythica)

Atlas first meets Superman in June 1948. This Atlas was not the mighty Titan but rather a strongman involved in a hoax staged by con-man William Sharp (Act No. 121: "Superman vs. Atlas"). In January 1965, Superman battles and defeats a trio of extra-dimensional villains, endowed with superhuman strength as well as magical powers, who are perfect look-alikes for Hercules, Samson, and Atlas from various past eras in Superman’s own dimension (Act No. 320: "The Three Super-Enemies!"). In August 1967, when Zha-Vam battles Superman, Atlas is one of the mythical deities that helps Superman during the battle (Act No. 353: "The Battle of the Gods!").

Atlas also has a club named after him called the Atlas Club, Inc. (S No. 78/2, Sep/Oct 1952: "The Strong Man Club!"). (TGSB)

Atlas appeared in the following Superman Tales

  • Act No. 121, Jun 1948: "Superman vs. Atlas"
  • Act No. 320, Jan 1965: "The Three Super-Enemies!"
  • Act No. 353, Aug 1967: "The Battle of the Gods!"
  • S No. 266, Aug 1973: "The Face on the Falling Star!"

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