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DC Comics Presents No. 48 Art by Gil Kane

The half-breed son of a lighthouse keeper and a princess of Atlantis, who came to rule the world beneath the waves (DCCP No. 48, Aug 1982: "Eight Arms of Conquest!").

A costumed super-hero, gifted with the power to survive and breath beneath the ocean's depths, swim at incredible speeds, and communicate telepathically with all forms of sea creatures, Aquaman is the offspring of a lighthouse keeper and a young woman of Atlantis (first appearance, More Fun Comics No. 73, Nov 1941). Aquaman is a member of the Justice League of America. Aquaman's sidekick is Aqualad.

Superman and Aquaman's first meeting was when both were teenaged heroes, Superboy and Aquaboy respectively. In their first meeting, Superboy saved Aquaboy's life when the youth became engulfed in an oil spill caused by a corrupt oil company. Following this, the two heroes teamed up to expose the polluting oil company's corruption (SB No. 171, Jan 1971: "Dark Strangler of the Seas").

In July 1960, after Clark Kent has been swallowed by a whale while on an expedition to photograph marine life for the Daily Planet, Aquaman rescues Kent from his predicament so that Kent will not be forced, by rescuing himself, to betray the fact that he is secretly Superman (S No. 138, Jul 1960: "The Mermaid From Atlantis!").

In January 1961, at the request of Superman, Aquaman assumes the fictitious identity of Mental Man as part of the Man of Steel's scheme to apprehend the "Ace" Ruggles gang (Act No. 272/1, Jan 1961: "Superman's Rival, Mental Man!").

In October 1961, after an overzealous agent for the Internal Revenue Service has declared Superman delinquent in his income taxes in the amount of $1,000,000,000, Aquaman scours the ocean for the world's biggest oyster as part of Superman's plan to accumulate part of the money by stimulating the oyster to produce the world's largest pearl (S No. 148, Oct 1961: "Superman Owes a Billion Dollars!").

In November 1963, when Clark Kent is in imminent danger of drowning after an encounter with Red Kryptonite has temporarily robbed him of his super-powers, it is Aquaman who finds him and carries him to Atlantis, where "a new form of artificial respiration" is used to save Kent's life (S No. 165, Nov 1963: "The Sweetheart That Superman Forgot!"). (TGSB)

In October 1968, Aquaman intervenes in a plot by the shape-shifting sea god Proteus to wreck a U.S. nuclear submarine. As a result. a frustrated Proteus arranges for Jimmy Olsen to assume Aquaman's powers and then, disguised as Superman, arranges a contest between the two sea kings that results in the apparent death of Aquaman. However, a resourceful Jimmy, in concert with Superman and a revived Aquaman, manage to thwart Proteus's plans for widespread naval destruction (SPJO No. 115: ""Survival of the Fittest!"").

In later chronicles, Aquaman's kingdom, Poseidonis, is distinguished from Tritonis, home of mermaids and mermen such as Lori Lemaris and Jerro (DCCP No. 5, Jan 1979: "The War of the Undersea Cities").

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