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The Dynamic Duo confront the Anti-Batman! Art by Curt Swan and George Klein, 1966.

The Anti-Batman

A criminal identity briefly assumed by Gotham City Police Commissioner James W. Gordon in August 1966. While visiting Superman's Fortress of Solitude, both he and Daily Planet editor Perry White are accidentally exposed to an alien gas known as Formula X-22. The gas radically alters the personalities of both men, giving them highly criminal tendencies. Deciding to use their intimate knowledge of Superman's and Batman's secrets, Gordon and White plan to humiliate and dispose of both heroes. While White assumes the guise of the Anti-Superman, Gordon fashions a dark green variant of Batman's uniform (complete with a lead-lined mask to prevent Superman from discovering his real identity with his X-ray vision) and calls himself the Anti-Batman. After stealing many secrets from both the Fortress and the Batcave (including the secret plans for the Batmobile and Batman's own utility belt), Anti-Batman and Anti-Superman launch their planned campaign to dispose of Superman and Batman. Anti-Batman first clashs with both Batman and Robin during a high-speed chase in which the villain uses his own Batmobile duplicate (called the "Anti-Mobile") to run the Dynamic Duo off the road. In addition, Anti-Batman and his partner-in-crime raid the State Police Building midway between Metropolis and Gotham City, stealing various mementos from Batman's battles with his greatest foes (including the Joker, the Penguin and the Riddler), and giving them to the imprisoned criminals themselves.

Anti-Batman uses an abandoned cellar located in a storm drain directly beneath Gotham Police Headquarters (accessible only by Gordon and Batman) as a base of operations for his and Anti-Superman's crusade against the World's Finest Team. After Batman deduces the true identities of both villains and discovers their headquarters, Superman arrives and exposes Anti-Batman and Anti-Superman to an antidote that counteracts Formula X-22's effects, restoring Gordon and White to their normal personalities. Sometime later, the youth serum wears off and returns both men to their normal ages (WF No. 159/1, Aug 1966: "The Cape and Cowl Crooks!").

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