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A space pirate who tries to defeat Superman using the combined powers of the Greek elements of earth, air, water, and fire. Each element's power is transferred by Amalak to a resident of Metropolis but the combined forces of these "Element Enemies" do not prove strong enough and they are overcome by a weakened Superman (initially, an unsuspecting Clark Kent was selected by Amalak as the human to carry the power of fire—the transfer of the energy sapped much of his strength and bounced instead to a young newsboy as the "host" for fire power). The "Element Enemies" do a good job in testing Superman, it is actually Amalak's own belated attempt to control their actions remotely from his spaceship that leads to their hesitation and ultimate defeat (S No. 190, Oct 1966: "The Four Element Enemies!").

Perhaps because of this earlier encounter, Amalak develops a hatred for all living Kryptonian life forms. He brainwashes the alien Rinol-Jag into attempting to destroy all survivors of the planet Krypton in an elaborate scheme, only to eventually be defeated by Superman and Rinol-Jag, when the latter becomes wise to his manipulation by Amalak (S No. 195/1, Apr 1967: "The Fury of the Kryptonian Killer!"). Amalak subsequently appears as one of nine dangerous adversaries employed by Mr. Xavier in his attempt to destroy Superman (S No. 299, May 1976: "The Double-or-Nothing Life of Superman!").

An infuriated Amalak continues to fuel his antipathy of Kryptonians and allies himself with Nam-Ek. After this duo is vanquished by Superman and Supergirl, and Superman has made a choice to save humans suffering from a deadly disease, Amalak kills himself in an attempt to make Superman believe he has murdered him with a gong device that once belonged to alien tyrant Kanjar Ro. He admits the deception before dying and it all only results in Amalak being ultimately responsible for his own death (S No. 312, Jun 1977: "Today the City...Tomorrow the World"; S No. 313, Jul 1977: "The Only Way You'll Save the Earth Is Over My Dead Body!"; S No. 314, Aug 1977: "Before this Night is Over, Superman Will Kill!").

Amalak is well-known for deadly technology and weapons, and does not hesitate to use them for his often-criminal ends.

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