Air Wave (Larry Jordan)

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Air Wave (Larry Jordan)

Air Wave meets Superboy!

A costumed crimebuster based in Brooklyn, New York (first appearance: Detective Comics No. 60, Feb 1942: "The Case of the Missing Evidence"). Air Wave, who is secretly District Attorney Larry Jordan, fights crime with the aid of a belt and an antenna that allows him to listen in on police band transmissions or tap phone wires. Air Wave also utilizes special roller skates with which he can travel on telephone wires.

In Brooklyn to deliver "some important evidence" to D.A. Larry Jordan, Superboy spots Air Wave skating on the phone lines. Mistaking him for a costumed criminal, Superboy follows Air Wave to the laboratories of Scientific Research Associates--a forerunner of S.T.A.R. Labs. There, Air Wave foils a robbery-in-progress while telling Superboy: "Take a hike--this is my case!"

Years later, Superman discovers that there was Gold Kryptonite in that room. Thus, if Air Wave had not brushed Superboy aside, the Boy of Steel would have lost his superpowers for all time (DCCP No. 55, Mar 1983: "The Parasite's Power Ploys!").

(see also Air Wave (Hal Jordan))

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