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Superman vs. Hitler!

Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)

The Austrian-born politician who was dictator of Germany from 1933 until his death by suicide in his Berlin bunker in 1945. The Martian dictator Martler is an admirer of Hitler (S No. 62/1, Jan/Feb 1950: "Black Magic on Mars!"). Razkal, the tyrannical ruler of Oxnalia, closely resembles him (S No. 15/3, Mar/Apr 1942). Herr Fange obtains Hitler's permission to ravage Allied shipping in January-February 1943 (S No. 20/2: "Destroyers from the Depths!"). Ixnayalpay, the ruler of the Squiffles, makes a secret pact with Hitler to sabotage America's aircraft industry in May-June 1943 (S No. 22/1: "Meet the Squiffles!"). (TGSB)

In 1943, Superman battles Hitler and helps end the war in the classic non-canonical story from Look Magazine, "How Superman Would End the War!"

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