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Abdul in human form.

The genie from the fabled lamp of Aladdin.

In January 1960, Superman and Jimmy Olsen unwittingly recover Aladdin's lamp, along with other relics, from an ancient tomb. After Superman leaves the relics with Jimmy so that the Daily Planet photographer can take pictures of them, Jimmy hears a voice coming from the lamp.

"Please let me out! I'll grant your every wish...", pleads the voice from the lamp.

Jimmy has a terrible toothache, and therefore rubs the magic lamp seeking pain relief. Abdul introduces himself and cures Jimmy's toothache. After fulfilling other wishes for the cub reporter, Abdul suddenly reverses roles with Jimmy when Jimmy inadvertently utters the word "kill."

"According to the legend of Aladdin's lamp whoever says this word in my presence dooms himself into being the new genie!"

Abdul declares a desire for "countless riches!" and "limitless power!", and orders Jimmy the genie to achieve these goals. After several of Abdul's wishes are sabotaged by Jimmy, with help from Superman, the boy genie and the Man of Steel trick Abdul into pronouncing the forbidden word—restoring Jimmy and Abdul to normal—and return Abdul to the lamp. The magic lamp is subsequently placed in Superman's Fortress of Solitude for safe keeping (SPJO No. 42/3: "Jimmy the Genie!").

(see also Kurol)

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